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From Liam Murphy ’15

We did.

Paypal: tix$5

Tickets will also be sold 11-2 USDAN WEDNESDAY THURSDAY FRIDAY


Date: Saturday, February 22nd
Time: 10:00PM – 2:00AM
Place: Eclectic
Cost: $5

European Society Meet and Greet

From Zoe Tolouse ’16:

Come to the European Society’s first meet and greet this Thursday 7 pm
at International House (151 Church St, next to the Bayit!). The
European Society is a newly founded group trying to create a European
student community at Wes. If you are an international or exchange
student from Europe, grew up in Europe, love Europe, studied/will
study abroad in Europe, then this event is for you. There will be
cheese, grape juice, great conversation and great people.

Hope to see you there!

Date: Thursday, Feb. 20th
Time: 7PM
Place: International House

KGB Presents: The 24-Hour “Let’s ‘Beak’ Canary Cancer!” Benefit Concert & Variety Show Telethon: Hour 24


Russell Goldman ’17 writes:

“KGB Presents: The 24-Hour ‘Let’s Beak Canary Cancer!’ Benefit Concert & Variety Show Telethon: Hour 24” is a new theatrical project written and directed by the dream-cream of Solomon Billinkoff ’14 and Russell Goldman, and sponsored by Second Stage.

It centers around the final hour of a 24-hour public-access telethon to benefit canary cancer.

What is canary cancer, you ask? Just shut up for a second.

Canary cancer is a terrible disease that has wreaked havoc on 127 different species of birds. The symptoms include vomit.

This is not a ticketed event, so show up early (20-30 minutes before showtime) to get a seat!

The show contains material that is shocking and offensive and is not recommended for canaries under 18 or for humans under 18.

DATE?: Thursday, February 20th – Saturday, February 22nd
TIME?: 8pm (arrive 20-30 mins early for seats)
PLACE?: Westco Café

The English Majors Committee Presents Open Mic Night

Open Mic Flyer

From the literary lovelies of the English Majors Committee:

The English Majors Committee would like to invite you to an Open Mic Night on this Friday, February 21, at 7:00 pm, in the Downey House Lounge! This is an opportunity for all students to come and share their work with a friendly audience of fellow students and faculty. We welcome any work that can be read aloud, including fiction, nonfiction, poems, and plays.

If you would like to read, you can sign up in advance for a five-minute slot on the attached Google doc––we will also have a sign-up sheet at the event. We’ll start the night with a reading by our headliner, Professor Salvatore Scibona. As usual, there will be coffee and cookies to snack on.

The open mic night is open to students from all majors––feel free to pass this info along, and tell your friends!

Date: Friday, February 21st
PlaceDowney House Lounge
Facebook: [link goes here]

Film Series: Boyz N The Hood

1991. USA. Dir: John Singleton. With Cuba Gooding Jr., Ice Cube. 112 min.

Coming of age is no easy task, especially in South Central L.A. This tale of boyz and men trying to do the right thing remains as wrenching and relevant as it was 20 years ago, thanks to the effortless camaraderie among its cast and the vitality imbued by Singleton – the first Black director nominated for an Oscar (and still the youngest nominee overall).

Tonight. 8pm. Goldsmith Family Cinema. $5.