KGB Presents: The 24-Hour “Let’s ‘Beak’ Canary Cancer!” Benefit Concert & Variety Show Telethon: Hour 24


Russell Goldman ’17 writes:

“KGB Presents: The 24-Hour ‘Let’s Beak Canary Cancer!’ Benefit Concert & Variety Show Telethon: Hour 24” is a new theatrical project written and directed by the dream-cream of Solomon Billinkoff ’14 and Russell Goldman, and sponsored by Second Stage.

It centers around the final hour of a 24-hour public-access telethon to benefit canary cancer.

What is canary cancer, you ask? Just shut up for a second.

Canary cancer is a terrible disease that has wreaked havoc on 127 different species of birds. The symptoms include vomit.

This is not a ticketed event, so show up early (20-30 minutes before showtime) to get a seat!

The show contains material that is shocking and offensive and is not recommended for canaries under 18 or for humans under 18.

DATE?: Thursday, February 20th – Saturday, February 22nd
TIME?: 8pm (arrive 20-30 mins early for seats)
PLACE?: Westco Café

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