Olympic Liveblog: Ladies’ Figure Skating

from Brooklee’s page on the Sochi 2014 website

If you need another reason to watch the Olympics, soon-to-be Wes student Brooklee Han ’18 is skating for the Australian Olympic team this year. In case you’re too busy to watch (or fundamentally opposed to watching world-class athletes on your laptop screen…) however, we’re watching the Ladies’ Figure Skating Short Program for you and liveblogging it! Read on after the break.

[Edit:] We here at Wesleying don’t like to make FALSE PROMISES (ughhh NBC) so just a warning: Brooklee’s program wasn’t shown on network tv here, at least, and we can’t seem to find her videos anywhere on the internet (we’re very shaken), so unfortunately, while the following liveblog is full of other figure skaters and also Ted Ligety, it’s sadly lacking in Brooklee. Sorry everyone, and Brooklee, we’re rooting for you in spirit!!

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