48 Hour Magazine theme: MAPS


The 48 Hour Magazine submission period begins NOW. The theme of this issue is MAPS. We are looking for ANY form of writing, visual content, or film—especially materials created today. If you already have material that fits, send it in as well!

Submissions are due by midnight tonight to 48hourmag[at]gmail[dot]com. All submissions must include your name, class year, the title of the work, and preferably your phone number.

Here are some prompts to get you thinking:

— Create a map for an other-than-human individual: a dog, an ant, an extraterrestrial, etc.

— Italo Calvino’s novel Invisible Cities is a fictional account of Marco Polo’s visits to various fictional cities, all of which are remarkable for their strange and metaphysically intriguing characteristics. Create an image or written account of an original “invisible city.”

— Map a personal trajectory.

— Document yourself getting lost.

— Draw a map of your body. You might, for example, connect the dots between your freckles, moles, or other corporeal landmarks. What do they reveal?

— Map your ideal weekend night.

— Walk north for five minutes, east for one minute, and south for twenty-two paces. Draw or photograph what you see.


A rough schedule for the weekend follows. If you are interested in contributing to any phase of the project, show up around the time listed (or later—we’re not turning anybody away!)


Friday Feb 21

12PM EST: Theme is announced, submissions begin to arrive.

12PM-8PM: Submissions are collected at Usdan table.

11:59PM: Submissions close. Team convenes in Shapiro Writing Center to review submissions and select content.


Saturday Feb 22

9AM: Editing and print design teams meet to begin editing pieces, designing print templates, etc. Illustrators begin illustrating. We eat breakfast.

12PM: Delicious food for everybody.

3PM: Layout begins.

8PM: Copy editing begins. Web team convenes to begin putting content online.


Sunday Feb 23

8AM: Layout finalized, last minute editing and corrections.

10AM: Video submissions due.

12PM: MAGAZINE FINISHED and sent off to the printer.

4:30PM: Band Project concert


This is going to be a fun, frantic, frenzied weekend. Please submit—or better yet, join us! Bring your friends!

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