Tell a Story at THE SLOTH Story Slam


A great crew of kids we’re calling WeSloth has exciting news:

Homer knew it. Ira Glass is all about it. Even those krazy kids from Are You Afraid of the Dark? were up on it. Telling stories is primordial AND FUN!!!

Welcome to The Sloth. The Sloth, loosely based on some people who put on story slams and wouldn’t let us use their name, is making its debut at Wesleyan.

On Friday, we’ll come together for Wesleyan’s inaugural story slam. We have room for 10 STORYTELLERS.

The theme of the night will be STEALING/STOLEN.

Feel free to interpret said theme however you may choose. So, for example, if we said the theme was “Wo/Man against Nature”, I’d probably tell you the story of how my stomach’s inherited oversensitivity to lactose brought me closer to my father. Or perhaps you’d hear about spending 2 months in the Alaskan tundra tagging birds from my wildman housemate. Or basically anything to do with being a human. However you choose to interpret, we’re down!

If you’d like to tell a story at Wesleyan’s inaugural story slam, please email wesloth[at]gmail[dot]com with a 3 sentence (ish) pitch of your story by TUESDAY, FEBRUARY 25TH at midnight. Stories should aim to be 4-8 minutes long.

The event itself will be held in the Westco Cafe on the night of Friday, February 28th.

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  1. Batte_A

    If every single story isn’t heavily plagiarized, I’m declaring Wesleyan dead and will cease sending my monthly donation to the school.

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