Worker/Student Solidarity Meeting

Ari Ebstein from USLAC wants to hear your opinions!

These issues include:A meeting of the souls! a space for Wesleyan workers, both custodial and dining services, to communicate with each other and with the student community recent issues that have arisen.

These issues include:
-the threatening of ESL classes for custodians
-suspension of seven workers for leaving a few hours early during a snowstorm, when no managers or supervisors were there
-contract negotiations with Bon Appetit workers

Come at either 12:30 or 3:30 !!! :D

And we’ll be organizing for future events, including a public forum at the end of march. come, listen, and show solidarity!

When: Thursday, February 27th
Time: 12:30pm or 3:30pm
Where: 200 Church

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