Become a WESU DJ

From Rebecca Seidel ’15

Want to be a part of a incredible community of people dedicated to free-form, alternative radio? Do you have a great idea for a music or public affairs show? Are you the next big radio personality waiting to happen?

Then attend a mandatory info session and train to be a staff member at WESU!

You can choose between these two dates/times for this info session:
-this Sunday, March 2, at 3PM in PAC 001
-next Thursday, March 6, at 7PM in PAC 002

Training consists of six mandatory once-a-week, one-hour sessions, beginning this weekend and ending in the beginning of May. You have the option of attending these sessions either on Sundays at 3PM or on Thursdays at 7PM.

Contact Rebecca, WESU’s personnel director, at personnel[at]wesufm[dot]org if you have any questions!

Date(s): Sunday, March 2nd // Thursday, March 6th
3PM // 7PM
PAC 001 // PAC 002

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