The College Bubble: A Higher Ed Round-Up

Unless you shut yourself off from the world this past week, you probably read, or at least heard mention of, The Atlantic’s feature story on fraternities and their dangers, which highlighted Wesleyan University and Beta Theta Pi. The article explores the role of fraternities on campuses, especially in the crafting of party culture and the rise of sexual assault. The article is long, but well worth the read, and has reopened space for dialogue on these issues.

Wesleyan released an official response to the article, defending the university’s position in tackling the issue of sexual assault on campus. Claire Potter, former American Studies Professor at Wesleyan, has written a piece on Tenured Radical, in response to the Atlantic article, providing further context and insight into the assault case. And last but not least, our very own pyrotechnics has written a brilliant follow-up, laying out the important aspects of the Atlantic article, illuminating the greater issues at hand, and grounding the story in our lives within the Wesleyan community now.

The New York Times has published a fascinating and disturbing look into the continued presence of racism on college campuses and the challenges of confronting these issues in a “postracial” society.

A story from the Duke University student newspaper on a student’s part-time job in the porn industry has been making waves. The article provides wonderful insight into the thoughts and life of this student, humanizing her story and exploring the complicated dynamics of feminism in the porn industry and the intersections of personal and public life in campus culture.

What does it mean to be a college student with a disability? A recent article in the Huffington Post explores the challenges of attaining higher education for students with disabilities and provides details on legislation attempts to confront this issue.

From The Nation comes news that Yale University may be close to a decision on fossil fuel divestment. There has been pressure by students, alumni and faculty to confront the ethical issues with investments in fossil fuels and the issue has come to administrators and the Yale Corporation Committee on Investor Responsibility. The Nation is also continuing its roundup of student activism around the country.

Turning to the socio-economics of university, two recent articles address pressing and salient issues of the financial challenges of higher education. The first, from The Atlantic, explores the systemic problems within frameworks for bringing in low-income students at elite universities. The second, from the New York Times, details the increasing economic impossibilities of student loans and what the future holds for them.

And finally, in truly important news, a Williams student stole a pizza van from a Dominos deliver driver. Ze was, according to official accounts, believed to be “intoxicated”.

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