UOC Infoshop/Anti-Oppression Library Call for Submissions

A message from Alexandra Ricks ’16:

Call for Submissions to the University Organizing Center Infoshop/Anti-Oppression Library located at 190 High Street!

The Infoshop Preservation Society (IPS) is a new student group tasked with the restoration and maintenance of the UOC Infoshop and Anti-Oppression Library. We’re in the process of cleaning up and improving upon the Infoshop space located at the back of the UOC and looking for submissions to add to Wesleyan’s only dedicated anti-oppression library (soon to be a great workspace as well!).

Got any pamphlets, zines, books, posters, photographs, music, movies, periodicals, maps, art, artifacts, etc. you would like to share with the Wesleyan community? Donate or lend them to the University Organizing Center’s infoshop, a library of radical literature that’s open to everyone!

There is a submission box by the front door of the UOC. Got a lot to donate? Let us know and we can pick it up right from your door!!

If you don’t have anything you would like to submit but would like to read about anti-oppression or DIY projects check out the infoshop, on the first floor of the UOC (190 High Street, between Beta and Eclectic).

Or if you are interested in getting involved in the group organizing the infoshop, send us an email at: infoshop-glist[at]wesleyan[dot]edu

Date: before spring break!
Place: The University Organizing Center (190 High St)


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  1. Alexandra

    Feel free to continue donating after Spring Break! The Infoshop is always accepting new submissions!

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