Write-in: Wesleyan Bucket List


Kick the bucket, graduate from Wesleyan– it’s similar, right?

Graduation is in sight. This panic-inducing update has been posted to Wes’s FB page. Underclassmen are tryna secure those senior week jobs or find a hard-working friend to mooch off of. But HEY, HOLD UP, WE’VE STILL GOT TWO MONTHS.

We want your suggestions of adventures for us Weskids to partake in before graduation. Ready… set… GO!


Some suggestions from your one and only Wesleying staff:

-Skinny-dippin at Millers [sidenote: that’s a pretty unsanitary idea, for sure] -Visit Holyland in Waterbury, CT
-Order the least-popular item at Summerfields
-Give every member of the Usdan staff a hug

P.S.: You may have, like me, failed to create a Wesleyan bucket list that went beyond the places you wanted to have sex before you graduated. Let’s go beyond just those, folks.
P.P.S. I’ve been slacking this semester with the write-ins, but have no fear, WE’RE BACK.

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