Q’s Weekend Review!

IMG_0913I have a nasty voice in my head that tells me to procrastinate by any means necessary. This voice reminds me that while I’m out partying and enjoying myself to a Bacchanalian extent, there are a lot of people cramped indoors, crying little sad weepy tears over their midterm study sheet, each droplet of salty depression only seeming to say, “I wish I was having fun right now, or doing whatever Q is doing.” Fear not, for through the power of an iPhone camera and blurry memories, even as you sit in a small nook in SciLi, tirelessly working toward your second case of carpal tunnel syndrome, you can still live vicariously through my stories of this magical “weekend” that you’ve been hearing so much about. Here’s Q’s weekend in review. 



From Left to Right: Dude who was with Dillon Cooper and yelled the background stuff, Dillon Cooper, the DJ, Q.

Who else caught the Dillon Cooper rap show thursday? You didn’t? How’d I know? Well, the cold and the distance apparently had the best of the party goers and due to a slightly small turn out, Dillon played a rather intimate show at Art House. No worries, we had fun. What started as a 5 person audience filled out to a comfy assortment of people who danced hard when the time came. By the end of the show, Dillon was so convinced that I was the coolest dude in the room so he asked if we could take a picture together. I hate having my picture taken, but I obliged so he wouldn’t be heartbroken.* If you missed the show and want to still see Mr. Cooper on tour, he’s currently running around the country with the rap group, The Underachievers.

*Note: May not be factually accurate.


There’s its own separate article on the way, but because Wesleyan’s board of trustees were in town, WesDivest hosted a protest to encourage the higher ups to divest from fossil fuels. It was nicely attended and even though there were a few sound problems, it continued in fantastic form with the human microphone reading off all the reasons why it’s important to students for Wes to divest.


Can you see where I goofed up the panoramic?

Also a happening during Friday was a fantastic music recital by Nate Repasz ’14. All in attendance were wowed by Nate’s playful wordplay packed introduction. More importantly were the different percussion pieces including a palindromic piece aptly named “Drome Strike”. Sadly, I don’t have any pictures, but you guys can just picture Nate playing drums and that’s pretty much what happened.


Q taking a picture with his fans

Friday night was jam packed with events. Dymes was playing in Earth Yurt, The Sloth had it’s first performance in the Westco cafe, and the punk band Underdog played at Muho. I was at eclectic where there was a sort of 2 phase show going on. The first was a noise pop/punk/lo-fi show at Eclectic headlined by Teen Suicide. The show started pretty bare and empty of other humans other than the bands that were playing and a few Eclectic members but it soon grew to fill up the Eclectic ball room with sweaty young dancing bodies. Fun fact: the drummer in Sorority Noise busted his finger open on accident and was bleeding all over the drum during their part of the concert. Awesome. Of course, Teen Suicide also saw how awesome I was and immediately after the show, begged for a picture with yours truly, I had to say yes, for their sake.*

*Note: Probably not true.


Guy Fridge’s post-set face

After that portion of the show came the switch into a banging dance party headlined by Kingdom and opened by Guy Fridge, a Westco alum who transferred to NYU. The party danced away into the night.

Honorable mention to Dymes. During their show, I received several snapchats confirming that in the countless weeks of events, Earth House still throws down hard. Props to once again managing not to break the floor.


Saturday night started with Atticus Swartwood’s ’14 senior music recital. Again, I am lacking anything that can be considered an alright quality picture so I’ll spare you guys the pixelated impressionist paintings that my iPhone calls pictures. The recital let Atticus flex his percussion chops over a wide range of musical styles from jazz to taiko. ‘Twas dope.

The Rooks lead singer, Garth Taylor.

The Rooks lead singer, Garth Taylor.

Later on in the night, I dropped by Psi U to see how the SHOFCO benefit concert was going I didn’t make it in time to see any of the openers perform (including Lindsay Schapiro ’14, Sam Dickey MA ’15 Mande Trio, and Han’s Family Market [formerly known as New School]) but I did get to jam out to the Rooks, who helped raise $700 for SHOFCO. Psi U was packed and the bumpin’ funk put forth into the world by the Rooks took over the place.

I also travelled to see Sinjin Hawke in Westco cafe, and even since there wasn’t an abundance of faces at the event, a good time was had and dancing was done. No pictures remain of the night because I hadn’t fully decided that I would be writing this article but alas, thus is life.

Big ole Honorable Mention to Art house for reportedly getting very naughty. The Disco Party (from what I’ve heard) was a great way to put a cap on the weekend. No pictures although I doubt any attendees are trying to have any out there.

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  1. Erick Robinson

    I personally think this article was well done and needs no further suggestion otherwise. Poignant while light on its feet, sweet without being saccharine, unrelenting in its journalistic integrity, and a brazen spirit like the warm husk of a stoic rhinoceros about to descend into battle for a mate.

    10 out of 10.
    Would read thrice more.

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