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European Society’s Bake Sale


Louise de Verteuil ’16 and the European Society want to sell you delicious treats:

Forget about midterms and eat your way to happiness with our homemade baked goods this Thursday at Usdan! All proceeds will go to Desmos, a Greek non-profit that works towards combatting poverty in Greece. Look at what they do here: Hope to see you there!

Date: Thursday, March 6th
Time: 11am-1pm
Place: Usdan, downstairs!
Usdan: 1-2 dollahhs a treat

UCAB Hoedown Extravaganza


Remember that time in middle school when “Cotton Eye Joe” was the best song ever? UCAB is about to bring that dream back, buckaroos.

Grab your heel spurs and flannels cow boys and gals! This Thursday March 6th UCAB is hosting an ole fashioned Square Dance! In addition to your traditional square dance amenities, we will also be catering southern food! This is one event you wont want to miss! See ya there partners!

Date: Thursday March 6th
Time: 9 PM -11 PM
Place: Beckham Hall

Between The Lines First Meeting

read_between_the_lines__by_lawandcontradiction-d482rn7.pngPate Sanders ’17 wants your contribution!

Between The Lines, Wesleyan’s first entirely collaborative, long-term satire magazine, is having its first meeting this upcoming Wednesday. Come out if you can, if not, feel free to just join the google doc and contribute from anywhere. Click here to request access.

When: Wednesday, March 5th, 4:30pm-5:30pm
Where: Fisk 115