Onion Video Stars Mickey Capper ’13

In this Onion video, concerned Chicago parents try to convince their 20-year-old son to “invest in his future,” saying that it’s critical to his employability and long-term success to invest all his time and resources into his improv comedy career. The son is played by Mickey Capper ’13.

On getting the gig, Mickey says:

I’ve been doing freelance sound work for them for a few months now, and there’s a small wesleyan contingent at the onion that now includes Will Feinstein ’13 as a fellow. Will suggested me for the piece. Ironically, I’ve actually been considering taking improv classes for fun.

In other Wesleyan-in-satirical-media news, Stephen Colbert made a joke about Wellesley College on the Colbert Report and displayed a fake Wellesley diploma with the Wesleyan university shield. Anyone know if a Wesleyan alum writes for Colbert?

Screen Shot 2014-03-08 at 3.43.42 PM
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3 thoughts on “Onion Video Stars Mickey Capper ’13

  1. tobobo

    So Mickey’s really taking improv classes, and because of this start he’s had in acting, they really might be a good investment. That’s definitely some good irony. Props, Mickey.

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