Senior Bucket List

Photo Credit: Eury German '16

Photo Credit: Eury German ’16


For those who are simply too lazy to click: nothing. you get nothing.

I intended to heavily curate this list but, really, the submissions speak for themselves! Bolded items were submitted multiple times in one form or another. Some of them had funny explanations, so those are at the bottom of this post.

1. Stay up late enough to watch the sunrise from Foss.
2. Try the pizza at Frank Pepe’s.
3. Host a tree party (like a tea party but in a tree!)
4. Occupy Michael Roth’s office.
5. Sex in the Olin stacks. 
6. Crash a wedding at Wadsworth (1)
7. Order a drink at every bar on Main Street
8. Randomly scream “SOCIAL CONSTRUCT” during class.
9. Find the Douglas Cannon and send it on a trip.
10. Touch/play a foreign instrument.
11. Ring the bells WITH Brendan O’Donnell.
12. Visit the tunnels under one of the dorms and the roof of one of the academic buildings. 
13. Take a campus tour.
14. Flash a tour.
15. Party until the sun rises in the Goat Room. [Note: It’s Gote, right?] 16. Replicate the Friday apple crisp recipe.
17. Attend bar night and trivia night. (2)
18. Get a high five from Flat Top.
19. Get soft serve at Guida’s/Get a milkshake at Guida’s with my homie.
20. Ice skating on Freeman rink.
21. Please, vaginal sex in a thesis carrel is so passé. I want to have anal in my thesis carrel.
22. Get drunk on a Monday night.
23. Spend all ma points.
24. Take a shit in the bushes in front of Beta. (3)
25. Eat at O’Rourke’s.
26. Take a nap on Foss Hill with some loved one(s).
27. Go out to dinner with a professor… in a sexy way.
28. Skinny Dip at Miller’s Pond
29. Go to as many Milk & Choreo workshops as possible.
30. Be a naked model for the Drawing I and II classes.
31. Give every member of the Usdan staff a hug.
32. After securing appropriate permission, take Madame President Matilde for a leisurely stroll, stopping for froyo and flower sniffing.
33. Revisit all the dorm rooms I have lived in. (4)
34. Cook with a professor.
35. Have sex on Foss Hill (5)
36.Attend a pants-off dance-off, a no pants partayyyy.
37. Celebrate on Olin Steps.
38. Smoke a joint on Foss Hill.
39. Eat at every restaurant on Main Street.
40. Participate in Undies in Olin.
41. Be in a performance.
42. Visit HolyLand in Waterbury, CT.
43. Silent rave, if it happens again.(6)
44. Be publicly drunk & naked, somewhere.
45. Eat at Star and Crescent. (7)
46. Tell my favorite Professor how much they’ve helped me.
47. Get on the Wesleyan Homepage.
48. Idly admire groceries in Stop n’ Shop in a group wearing only long coats. (&)
49. Finally finish the scavenger hunt. (8)
50. Apologize to those whom I owe apologies.
51. Eat a Whey Station grilled cheese (9)
52. Camp out on Foss.
53. Slumber party with my best friends.
54. Get a professor to hug me without asking. (10)
55. Hold a 16mm film camera.
56. Steal an entire thing of ice cream from Usdan.
57. Cook or drink with a professor. 
58. Visit all of the department buildings on campus.
59. Enter the Tomb. 
60. Yell in Olin when it’s quiet.
61. Chill in a Freeman steam-room.
62. Tunneling: the last showdown. [Not even sure what this entails but seemed about right] 63. Go visit the Mark Twain house in Hartford.
64. Watch the sunset from Indian Hill.
65. Make Wesleyan a better place.

How many have YOU done?

As always, comment below with more suggestions or submit to us here at Wesleying. I’ll add them to the list if they’re solid.

(1) I want to crash a wedding at the Wadsworth mansion SO BAD but it’s an impossible task because the venue is so small that anyone who isn’t immediate family will stick out like a sore thumb. Doesn’t help that I don’t happen to be a white, upper middle class CT native. But I’ve been itching to pull out my prom dress and give it a try anyway….
(2) (don’t judge me, I’m busy and stuff)
(3) Looks like they need a little fertilizer. [Note: Wesleying does not expressly encourage this.] (4) I may or may not slip creepy nostalgic notes under the doors, telling the current occupants about all the things I did in their rooms that they probably don’t want to know about.
(5) Additionally, there was this submission: Carrel sex, stacks sex, lab sex, classroom sex (ALL OF THE SEX all of the sex)
(6) (Somebody, please, make this happen.)
(7) which I haven’t been to since I was a freshman (those free meals were awesome).
(8)––it doesn’t matter that it’s been solved for about a year, I’m going to finish it!
(9) Obscene amounts of Whey Station sandwiches, because I will never eat grilled cheese this good again.
(10) [The original submission was “Get  Joyce Jacobsen to hug me without asking”] &– whoever the fuck you are, hit me up.

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  2. bruxism

    i hate to break it to whoever wrote #20 but they take the ice off mid march so you can’t skate there until fall next year.

  3. filmmaj

    one time jeanine basinger hugged me of her own volition, and it was the happiest day of my life.

  4. BZOD

    Haha, oh geez… Well, #11, hit me up I guess. You probably know how to contact me, whoever you are.

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