Sky Bars EP Release


Your friendly neighborhood band Sky Bars just released their first (and likely last) EP. You can give it a listen HERE.

Sky Bars got started three years ago when we played our first gig at the 2012 Awesomefest.  Over the past years, we’ve come to develop more cohesion and gain a better sense of the sound we aspire to, and a huge part of that development has been thanks to our friends and classmates who have come out to support us at our shows and motivated us to write and perform music that sounds good, feels good, and grooves hard. Some of our best memories have been at those concerts.  Sadly, the Sky Bars era may come to a close rather soon, as many of our members graduate this May.  As a result, we offer this EP to commemorate these past years and say thanks to everyone who has enjoyed and supported our music.  All the tracks are original, and they represent a small selection of our favorite tunes that have come out of our time together, some old and some new.  Please listen, download, dance hard, and share with your friends.  Much love to you all!
Will Fraker ’14, Tory Mathieson ’14, Jessica Best ’14 <3’s Jeff Berman ’14, Derek Frank ’15, Gabe Beaudoin ’15, Nate Campagne ’15, Eriq Robinson ’15, Julia Chanin ’15
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