Opening Reception: Oral Fixations by Julia Randall

78877_2_600The folks over at the CFA invite you to an opening reception:

From strange hybrid “Lovebirds” to disembodied mouths and monumental bubblegum, the subjects of Assistant Professor of Art Julia Randall’s drawings seduce the viewer. The exhibition “Oral Fixations” is a ten-year retrospective of the meticulous, hyperrealist drawings by Ms. Randall. As the artist explains, she sees the mouth as “the threshold of the id,” and her works are “simultaneously erotic and humorous, beautiful and repulsive.” The exhibition title nods towards Sigmund Freud’s theory of oral-stage fixation, but Ms. Randall’s often monumental drawings go beyond
psychoanalysis, presenting surreal, sensual, even visceral images, while surprising with a sense of humor.

Date: Friday, March 28th
Time: 5-7pm
Place: Davison Art Center
Cost: Free!

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