The Desperate Measures’ Annual 24 Hour Improv Show

desperate measure 24 hrsFrom Noah Masur ’15:

Wesleyan’s only short-form improv group Desperate Measures invites you to come join us for our annual 24 HOUR IMPROV SHOW in the WestCo Lounge.

Featuring the Desperate Measures crew performing for the ENTIRETY of the event, as well as surprise appearances by the other improv and comedy groups on campus and possibly groundhogs, the 24 HOUR SHOW will be your source of non-stop laughs LITERALLY ALL DAY.

The 24 period will likely include:
– Vest Hour
– Hobo Hour
– 1-Hour Scene
– Musical Hour
– Every game in our roster
– 24 Hour Show *exclusive* games
– Parallelojams
– ???

Come watch us as we struggle with sleep deprivation and attempt to create comedy during all hours of the day! Those that stay the longest will win a special prize — last year, two brave souls stayed for the entire performance. Can you match them? And will the laughter ever end?

Date: Friday, March 28 to Saturday, March 29
Time: 9 PM Friday – 9 PM Saturday
Place: WestCo Lounge
Facebook: here

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