BandCampWes: M.E.M.E., Places to Die Alone EP


Mikah Feldmamstein ’15 AKA M.E.M.E. just released his first EP “Places to Die Alone”. The four tracks bring in different tastes of low key chilled out electronic dance music to paint beautiful portraits of the locales they name. My personal favorite track, “The Desert”, brings the listener on a smooth journey with Dan Light ’14 on guitar and Mikah himself playing saxophone, creating weaving lines together that could induce a trance state.

This EP is an exploration of what it means to be alive. The music brings the listener to an etherial place, telling the same story of solitude in death in four distinct environments (The Tundra, The Jungle, The Ocean, and The Desert). I believe that under these circumstances we get an honest look at humanity. I strove to capture that feeling in these 4 pieces.

The bare textures across the whole album brings about a contemplative and soothing mood. As a whole, I would describe the album as one that thinks, seemingly pushing at its own boundaries with each following piece. I, for one, look forward to the future M.E.M.E. projects.

You can pick up your copy of the EP at M.E.M.E.’s Bandcamp or his Soundcloud.

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