Apply to be a Waste Not Intern!

A Senior Week solution courtesy of Ari Lewenstein and Rachael Metz ’16:

Hey everyone! Tryna stick for senior week and Reunion and teenage-mutant-ninja-turtles
Commencement, but don’t feel like sneaking into the Butts to find a
place to sleep? Apply to volunteer for Waste Not! Waste Not is
Wesleyan’s student-organized answer to the Spring semester student
evacuation. It is run and maintained entirely through the commitment of the Wesleyan community, and truly exemplifies the incredible power of reuse. 20 volunteers, working about 5 hours (often fewer) each day from May 18 – 27, will help facilitate clothing and furniture collection in preparation for the Fall Tag Sale. Volunteers will be required to stay until Tuesday May 27, or risk losing free housing. If you’re interested, fill out our application, visit our website or email us at wesustainability[at]gmail[dot]com if you have any questions!
Deadline to apply: Saturday, April 12

Date: 4/1 to 4/12
Link to apply.

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