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UPDATE 3/31/14: I rescind my earlier comment about spring coming/being here. Obviously I am delusional as there’s currently a solid inch of snow on my front steps… 









Oh Foss Hill. You beacon of all the best non-class-related times at Wesleyan. I have been eagerly awaiting your repopulation. But waiting no more. Spring is finally coming/here, folks! I tested out the hill last Thursday afternoon and– though soggy– Foss and us have made it through that dastardly winter. Spring is here and so is a green Foss and I’m feeling nostalgic.

Foss Hill is THE institution around here.The most beloved. The most consistent. The actual center of student life. So, in celebration of Foss, here’s a post lauding favorite Foss Hill Times. AFTER THE JUMP.

Over the years, Foss has been the place for Wesleyan students to chill the fuck out and pretend the world isn’t pressuring us in every way possible. In recent memory, Foss has been home to exciting happenings like The Humanity Festival and Holi and #ThisIsHigh on 4/20. Students want to sleep/bone on Foss. People see weird stuff happen on Foss. I mean, EVERYBODY’S down with Foss.

Foss is for the students who loved the aforementioned events:


Amanda Palmer leading everyone on the hill singing “Creep”. Probably one of my favorite Wes moments in general. —A ’16, who’s feelin’ warm at the thought of springtime on Foss

For is for 4/20. April 20th and Foss Hill go together like dumplings and soy sauce, like Beyonce and Jay-z, like…

NOTHING LIKE 4/20 ON FOSS. lol, psafe filming us. —M.E.O.W. ’14

When I was a freshman I wanted to celebrate 4/20 on the hill but had track practice at 4:30 pm. So, I woke up and went out at 4:20 am with a few friends on 4/20 to still have the 4/20 Foss experience. It was freezing and raining, and when we got out there there was already a group of students sitting in the rain ready to celebrate. Only at Wes, only on Foss. —IZS ’14

Sophomore year as I was walking to 9 am Chem from Hewitt on 4/20 I saw two guys carrying a full-size couch out to the hill. —CM ’14


Foss is for the… lovers:

I fell in love on Foss Hill. Senior year, spring fling. I thought to myself, “I could fall in love with this girl” then I did. I mean yeah, this was followed by 2 and a half soul-crushing years of prolonged heart break, but hey, ya know? —m ’11

A threesome on foss was going on right next to be and my friend where they kept shouting one of the girl’s name so we knew who it was –Anon ’15 [taken from the previous Weird Wesleyan write-in]

Foss is for the bread-lovers:

October 2013, at approximately 2 am while relaxing and people watching from foss, random student and friend walk up the hill carrying a huge basket of dinner rolls. After giving us a few rolls, the pair continued on their way. When asked about why they had so many dinner rolls, came the simple response “I like bread.” —DH ’15


Foss is for the active:

A spring or two (or 3?) ago, it was one of the first beautiful spring weekends at Wes. Everyone was on the hill. There was music. There was beer. There was a baseball game. And there was a guy trying to fly a kite. The baseball team made a good play and maybe half the hill clapped. Five minutes later, the guy trying to fly the kite finally got the thing in the air. As he sprinted across the base of the hill the whole hill erupted into wild applause. The baseball fans were confused. It was such a Wes moment. Sports? Meh. Kites? YES. —sh ’14

I had been playing lots of sports at the bottom of foss in the light rain, and then suddenly it started pouring. Most people who had been out with me went inside, but my two friends walking to Usdan raced me across Andrus. Pretty soon we were sliding down Foss and laughing and doing somersaults and covered in mud. —AC ’17

Foss is for the people who haven’t forgotten they’re students:

Breezing through my Soc reading, with the breeze breezing past me, feeling like life was a breeze. —RB ’14

Foss is for the good-humored:

The time when I accidentally tripped and then rolled down Foss on the first day of orientation. Nothing says “hey, I’m friendly, approachable and cool!” like falling down Foss. —M ’17


Me (dressed in a gorilla suit) chasing my roommate (dressed in a banana suit) across and down the hill.  —Gorilla ’14 [Click here for more on this story]

Lastly, though the sophomores and juniors may not believe me, Foss is for Spring Fling:

Spring Fling on like 6 different drugs freshman year  –a moist-feeling JG ’14

I remember sitting at the feet of this kid I had a giant crush on, lying on my back watching Ghostface and Raekwon, getting lots of sun, being drunk as fuck, and thinking, “Damn, I’m a happy camper”. —IR ’14


Before I sign off, I want to offer a couple suggestions of historical happenings on Foss we should seriously consider bringing back:

Rallies. Soccer for a good cause.  A massive pillow fight. Bandfire.

I leave with you the account of Haaaaappppppyyyyy-at-the-thought-of-springtime-on-Foss M ’14:

My very first night at Wesleyan, I made out with someone on Foss Hill and I was like you know what? I could get used to this.

My freshman year, I smoked up my RA on Foss one night and I was like you know what? I could get used to this.

My freshman year, SPRING FLING 2011 WU TANG, I was like you know what? I could get used to THIS.

Here’s to the beginning of another spring of exciting fucking happenings on Foss. And KEEP IT CLEAN, EH?

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  1. sneeze is on it!

    came to tell you that you obviously tempted fate saying spring was here, but you’re already ahead of me!

    we love you, sneeze

  2. jarsilver

    the morning of graduation 2013 post-tent party there were kids on foss greeting the sunrise with kegstands. it was life-affirming

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