Student and Alum Testimonial Video: “Mahurin Is Why”

The students, advisees, mentees, and friends of Professor Sarah Mahurin invite you to watch this testimonial video where they explain how she has shaped their Wesleyan careers and why they think she should stay at Wesleyan University. For further reading and research, check out the profusion of WesSpeaks (there are many, click on all these links), or the article previously posted on Wesleying.

If you have questions, comments, or want to get involved, email Melody Oliphant ’13 and Elsa Hardy ’14 at moliphant[at]wesleyan[dot]edu and ehardy[at]wesleyan[dot]edu

The petition can be found here.

The video was filmed and produced by the talented Jonathan Hardy P’14.

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5 thoughts on “Student and Alum Testimonial Video: “Mahurin Is Why”

  1. yeah

    guys has anyone talked to professor mahurin about this? she’s leaving for an excellent position at Bard so she can live with her partner full time, instead of having, as she currently does, to split her time between CT and NY. like, if you really thought she was that wonderful and great, shouldn’t we let her pursue what will obviously make her life full of more love? she’ll teach very lucky students at Bard, and I’m sure Wesleyan will find another excellent professor.

    1. get over yourself

      Please tell me more about what you know about her position at Bard and her personal desires….

  2. rocsteady

    people used to fight so hard at wes to keep profs around esp profs of color. I mean like literally marching on noco and taking over buildings. Fisk Hall was seized in late 60´s (armed takeover!) for this purpose. proud tradition of students fighting for profs good to see us keeping it up

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