Eric + Erica, Jack & Katie at Westco Cafe


Dream-pop duo Eric + Erica want you to know they are a’comin:

Durham, NC based Dream-Pop duo Eric + Erica are excited to bring their music to Wesleyan campus for the first time.
Have a listen here + there’s this.

They promise autoharp, keyboard, singing, and slow motion soft dance beats. There may or may not be Free Pizza.

More info about Eric + Erica after the jump. eric + erica is a duo making music with two voices, an autoharp, a keyboard, and a sampler. Their songs are pop music at their core, dressed up with the unusual shimmer of autoharp; soulful, reverb-drenched electric piano; and beats that are as strong and simple as they are surprising. Erica’s naturally sweet and soaring vocals lead the way, floating dreamily above the music and delivering lyrics that are part tender confession and part bold abstraction, while eric’s low, ragged voice provides a complementary undertone. They write soft dance music, haunting lullabies, and surreal love songs; songs for friends, for children, and for each other.

Their first full length album, This Is Where, was released on 11/12/2013, just a mere 8 months after their debut EP. They thrive on constant creation, and the 11 songs that make up the record emerged and evolved quickly. The album was recorded with young veteran Adam Myatt (James & Evander, B. Hamilton, Man/Miracle) at Sharkbite Studios in Oakland, in the stolen hours between other bands’ sessions, and in the band’s basement. While keeping true to the minimalism of the band’s live sound, the record also provided an opportunity for erica to densely layer her voice to create moments of lilting chorus, and for other odds and ends—out of tune player pianos, synthesizers—to add density and dynamics. Beginning with a strong, clear vision of the world they wanted the record to create, the process moved quickly, and just a few months later the final record was in their hands, complete with artwork they hand painted themselves and the last minute addition of a song self-recorded by erica while lying sideways on the floor.

Date: Tuesday, April 1st
Time: 8-11pm
Place: Westco Cafe
Cost: Freezies

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