The 48 Hour Magazine has arrived


As if to console us for the unseasonal snow falling from the sky like a diffuse, wet insult, things have converged such that today also marks the arrival on campus of the brand new MAPS-themed 48 Hour Magazine.

You can pick up a free copy in Usdan, Exley, Olin, Pi, the COL Library, the Art Library, the Shapiro Center, or, perhaps, WesWings. When these stores are exhausted, we will replenish them, so be on the lookout.

You can also see the magazine’s phenomenal web version here or download a PDF here.

Our contributors include:

Artwork by Jules Berman ’16, Jeffrey Bigman ’17, Alessandra Cervera ’16, Sophie Chabon ’17, Emma Davis ’17, Nico Hartman ’15, Lara Hetzel ’17, Manon Lefèvre ’14, Val Pucilowski ’13, Sam Raby ’17, Anonymous ‘1?, and prefrosh Virginia Johnson ’18!

Writing and reporting by Keren Alshanetsky ’17, Emily Brown ’12, Nikku Chatha ’16, Julia Conrad ’14, Aria Danaparamita ’13, Emily Feher ’17, Carly Feinman ’16, Justin Greene ’16, Haeneh Kwon ’17, Nick Martino ’15, Amy Mattox ’17, Kevin McKewon ’11, Josh Krugman ’14, Eli Meixler ’13, Willie Molski ’17, Peter Myers ’13, Avigayl Sharp ’17, Abigail Shneyder ’17, Benjamin Soloway ’13, Zachary K. Sporn ’15, and everyone who stopped by our table in Usdan to answer questions.

Editors: Emily Brown ’12, Alessandra Cervera ’16, Sophie Chabon ’17, Harper S. Fant ’14, Piers Gelly ’13, Lara Hetzel ’17, Manon Lefèvre ’14, Nick Martino ’15, Amy Mattox ’17, Elana Rosenthal ’15, Abigail Schneyder ’17, and Zachary K. Sporn ’15.

Design: Amy Mattox ’17 and Piers Gelly ’13.

Illustrations: Jennifer Cummings ’16 and Lara Hetzel ’17.

Web: Alessandra Cervera ’16 and Alicia Gansley ’15.

Usdan Table: Emily Brown ’12, Alessandra Cervera ’15, Sophie Chabon ’17, Harper S. Fant ’14, Piers Gelly ’13, Lara Hetzel ’17, Sophia Jennings ’16, Manon Lefèvre ’14, and Zachary K. Sporn ’15.

Media: Sophia Jennings ’16.

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