Seiho, Magical Mistakes, And Vice Versa


A very unique concert experience for your Saturday night:

A new generation of artists have come together to create a thriving music community in Osaka, Japan. Now, they’re coming to America.

If you feel like today’s electronic music is hitting a period of inertia, it’s time to widen your borders and get moving again. Here is a chance to get acquainted with the innovative, thrilling, and always challenging sounds coming from one of the world’s most exciting new cultural scenes.

A liaison between Osaka and the rest of the world, Erik aka Magical Mistakes was first inspired by Osaka’s music scene as a student a resolved to move there. His newest productions are bridging the gaps between the rhythms of the club and the more introspective spaces found in nature.

Seiho takes his formal training in jazz, influence from the creative mecca that is Los Angeles, and all that has been labeled ‘post-dub-step’ and melds together a truly unique brand of funky dance music.

As a producer, And Vice Versa’s newest works are serious, sharp, calculated lo-fi techno freakouts. A perfect way to bring in the early hours of the AM.

Date: tonight — Saturday, April 5
Time: 10 PM – 1 AM
Place: Eclectic
Cost: free w/ Wes ID

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