JouleBug Sustainability Contest: Save Energy and Give Back to Financial Aid

After a successful fall contest, Wesleyan is holding another campus-wide energy saving contest using the mobile app, JouleBug! If you participate, you’ll help save energy AND money for financial aid (and maybe win some additional cool prizes).  

JouleBug is easy to use and basically lets you track the number of sustainable actions you take per day; it’s kind of like the FourSquare app, but for sustainability. Each team at Wesleyan competes against each other to see who can rack up the most sustainability points throughout the contest, from April 14-27.

The awesome thing about the contest is that Michael Roth has pledged that any residential energy savings will be directly donated to financial aid, so there are actually tangible rewards!

Here are the steps for participating in the JouleBug contest:

1) Create your team. All you have to do is click on this link, pick a team name, and put in your contact information.  Leaders have until April 11th, 4 pm to register their team.

2) Have people join your team. Make sure team members download the JouleBug app for their iPhone or Android. Once it’s downloaded, click on the ‘community’ tab through ‘settings’ and connect to your team! You can start earning points as soon as you join a team.

The contest begins April 14, so it’s best to have team members by then! However, people can join your team throughout the contest, from April 14 to April 27.

joulebug 3) Start buzzing! Browse the sustainable actions you can track through JouleBug and earn badges! Any residential energy savings goes directly back to financial aid!

‘Like’ us on Facebook, and spread the word to your friends!

See the results from last semester’s JouleBug contest here!

TL;DR: “Like” and follow Wes JouleBug on Facebook, and stay tuned for our kick-off event! Until then, download the app, create your team, and start saving some $$$ AND energy!

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