Queer Farmer Film Project

Long Lane Farm writes in:

The Queer Farmer Film Project is coming to Wesleyan!  Join some of Long Lane’s own queer farmers in watching “Out Here,” a documentary about queer farmers in the United States.  We’ll also be joined by the director, Jonah Mossbergwho will be answering questions after the film.  The movie, as described on the website:

Out Here is a full-length documentary film created by the Queer Farmer Film Project.  Completed after 4 years in production, it looks at the experiences of queer farmers across the country and asks – what does it mean to be a queer farmer, is agriculture a safe space for queer people, and what are the relationships between food production and queerness? It is the filmmaker’s dream that this project will give voice and visibility to queer people in agriculture and inspire a flagrant national discussion about gender and sexuality as they are related to our food system.

Date: Saturday, April 11, 2014
Time: 5pm
Place: PAC 001

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