The Career Center Wants to Employ You

Rachel Berman from the Career Center has a job for you:

Matt Donahue ‘14 (aka mister career center) is graduating and so are current Peer Career Advisors Esthefany Castillo ’14, Hazal Muhtar ’14Kah Wei Yoong ’14, Benjamin Carus ’14 and Ilir Necaj ’14. That’s a lot of graduating Peer Career Advisors and a LOT of room for you to join the Career Center staff. Not only is the PCA position a paid leadership opportunity where you get to advise your peers on the art of resume and cover letter writing, interact with cool Wes Alums and learn about job & internship opportunities as they come in to the center, but you get to work with (arguably) one of the best staffs on campus under the supervision of Rachel Berman (who is pretty much the best boss you could ask for).

Application deadline is SUNDAY, April 13, 2014 at 11:59pm on MyCC (see link) and ALL CLASS YEARS are welcome to apply. Questions? Email rMberman[at]wesleyan[dot]edu

A little more information:

The Peer Career Advisor program is a paraprofessional program designed to allow students to assist their peers in navigating the world of jobs, internships, fellowships, graduate schools and more. The PCA’s primary responsibility is to advise students on career exploration, resume and cover letter writing, networking, the job and internship search, and job interviewing during drop-in and office hours. Projects, programming, outreach and administrative duties are also required.

Looking for students who are good listeners and communicators, detail-oriented, compassionate and enjoy being in a helping role.

Date: Sunday, April 13th
Time: 11:59pm
Place: Your computer

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