Kennedy Odede Running for Board of Trustees Position

odede at grad

Kennedy Odede ’12, everyone’s favorite rapper and alum, is running for a Board of Trustees position. Current seniors can vote, and he’d like to get the word out! The election is from April 7-May 25. From Odede:

I am missing Wes! In fact, I miss it so much I am running for alumni elected trustee.

I believe so much in Wes, and want to give back somehow. I’d appreciate everyone knowing to vote!

“When I was eighteen, I had a job in a factory where I performed hard labor—dangerous work-for $1 per day.  Without Wesleyan, this was going to be my entire life.  At 23-years-old my life changed forever: I was offered a full scholarship to Wesleyan University.

What Wesleyan did for me defines the very highest potential of a liberal arts education. Wesleyan is a place that takes big risks—and allows you to do the same. At Wesleyan, students dare to hope, and this then creates more hope in the world.  Wesleyan produces thinkers and dreamers who say “yes” to new possibilities and challenges. Wesleyan has given me so much, and it is truly important to me that throughout my life I try to repay my incredible debt to Wesleyan.  If given a chance to serve as a member of the Board of Trustees, I will draw on my experience and connections to ensure Wesleyan continues to be an institution that takes chances to engage with the world, and proves again and again that it does not matter where you come from—only where you want to go.”

Voting instruction here.

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