Liberation and Co-resistance Passover Seder


Nadja Shannon-Debek ’17 writes in:

Come to a liberation and co-resistance Passover Seder at Earth House! We will sing songs from many traditions, tell the story of Passover, and eat delicious food. We hope to discuss Palestinian narratives of the Israeli occupation, and sites of resistance to oppression elsewhere…in an open and respectful environment.

Please join us and bring any stories, food, music, art, or thoughts that you are interested in sharing!

Date: Tuesday, April 15, 2014

Time: 6pm

Place: Earth House

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6 thoughts on “Liberation and Co-resistance Passover Seder

  1. Gabriel

    I wouldn’t characterize the Israeli-Palestinian conflict and a nearly fifty year occupation of another people as a “petty political squabble”. This is a conflict that has robbed tens of thousands on both sides of their safety, security, rights, and dignity. It is urgent, tragic and deserves to be discussed and acted upon now. As for the use of Passover to discuss the conflict, I can think of few occasions more appropriate. Passover might be my favorite holiday because of its anti-oppression themes and its condemnation of human exploitation. The message of passover cannot merely be the story of one nations’s miraculous escape from slavery to freedom. It must be about the imperative that all people be accorded dignity, liberty and compassion. Once we were slaves in Egypt, and once we were refugees from it. Let us treat others as we always have asked to be treated.

    1. wanderingjew

      Fifty year occupation? You mean fifty years of freedom after a two thousand or so year occupation of Israel.

    1. a non-ignorant jew

      You are saying this as if half of the people at this seder weren’t jewish, and ignoring the fact that the seder table is a place for place for discussing politics along with values of freedom in many households.

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