Contribute to Chana (Get a Free Ticket!)

1WyZ7tDFrom Wyatt Hodgson ’14:

The entire campus is invited to contribute to an art exhibition, which will also double as the atmospheric setup for Chana, a dance party themed on new urban Asia. The rave,which blends Asian culture, visual conception, dance music, and interactive art installations will be held at Eclectic on Saturday, April 19th. Tickets will cost $5. The student body is encouraged to come to 200 High Street anytime before Saturday to paint, draw, or sketch anything that they desire on space that has been provided by the organizers of the event. The artistic contributions of the wider Wesleyan community will collectively decorate the interior design of the event.

In addition, the Eclectic Society welcomes artists to submit artwork to be displayed. These pieces of art will contribute to the aesthetic of the space, and we welcome contributions in any form: photography, sculptures, drawings, paintings, performance art, etc. We do, however, strongly encourage the work to relate to Asian culture.

Five artists who submit 2 or more pieces will be chosen to receive a free ticket to the event!

Send submissions to whodgson[at]wesleyan[dot]edu.

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