Food Fight! Canned Food Drive

canned-food-contains-bpa-590From Fred Ayres ’17:

As part of homelessness awareness month, ResLife is collecting canned goods in all residential buildings. Look out for the collection boxes!

The ResLife area that donates the most food will win a party with a special prize to be revealed later. There will be regular email updates with which area is winning.

NOTE: There will be no collection boxes for program houses and woodframes. Place all canned goods outside of your house on Saturday and they will be picked up on Sunday morning.

Date: All of April
Place: Collection boxes in all residential buildings

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One thought on “Food Fight! Canned Food Drive

  1. practical

    While I wholeheartedly approve of this drive, the “Place all canned goods outside of your house on Saturday and they will be picked up on Sunday morning” plan for program houses/woodframes seems like a vague and poorly thought-out counterpart to the residential building collection areas. (randomly packaged food products dumped somewhere “outside of your house” on a Saturday night, not to be picked up until the morning? that could never go wrong.)

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