WesFest Event: 12th & Delaware Screening

072910-12th-delaware-protester-1024Do you need something to do with your prefrosh this afternoon (and free snacks with which to feed them)!? Shannon Welch ’14 has a suggestion:

Clinic Escorts, Planned Parenthood Interns, and the Doula Project
present 12th & Delaware, a conversation about reproductive justice
activism at Wesleyan.

“On the corner of 12th & Delaware in Fort Pierce, Fla., a conventional women’s health-care center, which provides abortion services, and an anti-abortion clinic offering pregnancy care uneasily co-exist on opposite sides of the street. It’s a striking image of the national divide; the health-care center is plagued by a dogged group of protestors who hound patients arriving for appointments yell through the clinic windows.”

Come to learn, meet prefrosh, and get involved!

When: TODAY at 1 PM
Where: PAC 002
Free Snacks?: Yes.

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