Doppelgangers at Wes

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Michael Roth ’78 and Anthony Wiener

A few months ago, Wesleying decided to do a post on Doppelgangers at Wesleyan. Doppelgangers are those pairs of folks you get confused due to their incredible likeness. You may have seen a terrifying Doctor Who episode playing with the subject. After the jump are our featured doppelgangers and a full list. I wish I could have pictured all of the submitted pairs but consent is most important. SEE YOU AFTER THE JUMP!

Taylor Leet-Otley ’15 and Ethan Quinn ’16

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Major: Neuroscience and Religion
Favorite ganger story: Loved getting served by my doppelganger @ Summerfields

Major: Film
Favorite ganger story: All the times I’ve introduced myself to people and they’re like “I know you! You’re Taylor!” and I’m like “Nah tho…” OR when we were both in Usdan and the entire dining hall made a scene.

Becca Brand ’16 and Sarah Woolf ’15

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Major: Studio Art & Art History
Favorite ganger story: When one time a girl I did NOT know asked me if I had done the Costume Design homework (a class that Sarah was never actually in…so…)

Major: Theater
Favorite ganger story: Somebody once commented on my pancake toppings and when I looked at him he got really upset and flustered and ran away. AND Once my dad saw a picture of child-Becca in Paris on my Facebook and he did the biggest double take and said “Wait, what?”


Talia Baurer ’15 and Shira Engel ’14

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Major: COL, Hispanic Literatures and Cultures
Favorite ganger story: “I almost attacked Shira Engel today meaning to attack you!”

Major: English and FGSS
Fav ganger story: “Oh look, another short curly-haired Jewish girl at Wes– what a shock!”


Julia Zachary ’17 and Paulina Jones-Torregrosa ’15


Major: Astronomy and Physics
Favorite ganger story: When someone called me Paulina and was really embarrassed when I wasn’t Paulina. We still can’t figure out who this person was. Even my mom thinks we look alike!

Major: English and FGSS
Fav ganger story: I was abroad in Madrid, Spain and saw a picture of my a capella group, the Mixolydians. The groups was in the chapel for their fall ’13 concert. I looked at the picture and was like “There I am”. Nope. Wasn’t me. I was in Spain. I thought Julia was me.

Sofia Zaidman ’16 and Hannah Rimm ’15

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Major: Neuroscience
Favorite ganger story: Hannah says that one time at broad street one of her friends got offended when I wouldn’t respond to “Hannah.” I wasn’t paying attention or something because I don’t remember this.

Major: Film and Psychology
Fav ganger story: There are so many, but perhaps the best is before I realized I had a doppleganger I was at the bookstore with some friends and Sofia was also there. She was one aisle over from me and my friends were looking for me and one of them called out my name while looking at Sofia and thought that I was ignoring her. I feel like that actually happens all the time, people see Sofia from a distance and think it’s me.



And some greats I didn’t have an opportunity to get in touch with but WE HAVE PHOTOS:

Coady Johnson ’15 and William Iselin ’14


Penny Snyder ’15 and Laura Hess ’15

Penny and Laura Doppel

Matt Fine ’15 and Adam Driver

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The full list of submitted doppelgangers (WATCH OUT; THEY’LL SNEAK UP ON YOU):

Wayne Ng ’15 and Brandon Eng ’15
Emilie Pass ’15 and Tessa Houstoun ’17
Kate Gilpin ’15 and Connie De Marais ’17
Blaise Bayno ’16 and Eve Kendall ’16
Jana Heaton ’14 and Molly Lobel ’14
Iliana Ortega ’15 and Jodi Almengor ’15
Rob Hallberg ’14 and Jared Fineberg ’17
John Ryan ’14 and Daniel Wittenberg ’16
Dylan Turmeque ‘GRAD and Ryan Sblendorio ’15
Peter Cramer ’14 and Will Stewart ’17
Sarah Dash ’14 and Genna DeGroot ’15
Nia Collins ’16, Callie Monroe ’17, and Melanie Schaffler ’15
Joseph Nucci ’16, Dan Medvedev ’16, and Noah Hamlish ’16
Rachel Savage ’17 and Willa Nielsen ’17
Gabe Gordon ’15 and Jason Katzenstein ’13
Russell Thomas ’17 and Ross Gormley ’13
Louis Lazar ’13 and Ethan Hoffman ’14
Lily Zucker ’14 and Lily Haje ’13

a note: Doppelgangers are subjective. I tried to handle this as sensitively as possible.  Additional submissions welcome. ALSO, if your name got on this list and you DO NOT want it there, please let me know and apologies!


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    piers gelly ’13 and bennett gelly ’15

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    Emily Trambert and Isabel Rouse, both ’14. They actually dressed up in the same outfit for Halloween one year!

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