How to Get a Google Internship, Tips from Evan Carmi ’13

ecarmigoogleEvan Carmi ’13, also known on Wesleying as ehc, wrote an e-book called “How to Get a Google Internship,” which has tips for how to get software engineering internships at companies like Google, the New York Times, and start-ups. He currently works for the start-up Brewster, and has worked on the New York Times London Olympics website, (collects data about NYC schools), and a bunch of other cool stuff. He also did this impressive thing:

Served as Chief Technology Mastermind for, a popular blog about student life at Wesleyan University. While an undergraduate at Wesleyan University, I moved the WordPress site to a dedicated Linode VPS and optimized the server to handle increased traffic. I also completed a major redesign of the site in January 2013.

Back to selling this e-book:

How do you get a software engineering internship at Google? If you read this book, can I promise that Google will hire you? Of course not! There is no quick trick to getting great internships.

But the programming world is different from other industries. Your ability to solve problems, learn, and create is more important than anything else. A Computer Science degree is helpful, but absolutely not a requirement. If you build projects – demonstrating that you can teach yourself new skills and solve problems – and are persistent with applications, you will get an internship, I promise you!

With some effort and the guidelines in this book, you’ll be easily able to navigate the internship application process.

Evan joins a large group of Wes alums in the tech industry. You can contact him with any questions about Portland, OR, tea, headstands, or working in tech at ecarmi[at]wesleyan[dot]edu. Get the e-book here.

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