1554598_543326059118119_4649995914499574735_nNYC artist D’hana Perry will be performing LOOSE, an improvisational video/music piece involving dj’ing, remixing, and conversations with other gender non-conforming people of color.

This event is at 6:30 on Friday the 25th in the Daniel Family Commons (third floor of the Usdan building), free, and open to everyone. Come ready to think/dance!


LOOSE is an autobiographical examination of how gender expression, and racial identity affect each other when we navigate public space. Conversations with other gender non-conforming people of color are captured and turned into a live documentary performance that also blends the practices DJ remixing techniques and live video mixing. It explores a concept of remixing as: 1) a process of mental and physical image appropriation and 2) a mode of existence and survival, which turn everyday interactions into a creative act. LOOSE is designed to be improvisational. No two performances are the same.

D’hana Perry is a DJ, event creator and a recent recipient of an MFA candidate in Media Art from Emerson College. Their work explores liminal identity construction, gender/racial performance and self-expression. For more about their other work, check out chubrubproductions.com.

Date: Friday, April 25
Time: 6:30-8 PM
Place: Daniel Family Commons

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