Get Your Copy of Headspace in Usdan Tomorrow

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Hot off the press from Faisal Kirdar ’14:
In case you haven’t noticed, Headspace is out and about!
For those unfamiliar, Headspace is an NS&B sponsored student publication created by the MINDS foundation. It examines all topics related to the mind and brain, featuring art, science writing, creative fiction and nonfiction, and more!
Come by Usdan from 12-2 tomorrow for what is likely your last chance to pick one up!
What: Headspace handouts
Where: The tables in Usdan
When: 12-2pm
Cost: None!
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One thought on “Get Your Copy of Headspace in Usdan Tomorrow

  1. Pamela Spiro Wagner

    Unfortunately, when the 2014 HeadSpace publication came out, it had some glaring mistakes. Apparently the students opted not to proof the publication against the original pieces, and so whatever software they used (and apparently foolishly trusted!) transposed some of the lines of poems in the hardcopy edition. For instance, the first poem — which happens to be mine — in Headspace 2014, “Poem in Which I Speak Frankly, Forgive Me” has a line that belongs in the second stanza, transposed right to the end of the poem. This was not how the poem was sent to the students and it was their responsibility, since they asked me for this poem, and chose it themselves, to see that the poem was published correctly. If this is not unforgivable it is certainly a grave sin against the God of Publishing. I hope they have learned their lesson.

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