Inequality and the Climate Crisis: A panel discussion on fossil fuel divestment

Video by Ani Acopian ’16

An event sponsored by Wes,Divest! and the Committee for Investor Responsibility- a panel discussion of great importance to the future of the planet.  

Fossil fuels do more than threaten the stability of the Earth’s the climate; fossil fuel extraction destroys the communities where oil, coal and gas are removed from the ground. Mountaintop removal coal mining, hydraulic fracturing (“fracking”) for natural gas, oil drilling, and pipelining each pose incredible risks to water supplies and to the health of local residents. As the people in these communities suffer, the political and economic sway of fossil fuels companies allow them to continue with their destructive ways.

Students working with Wes, Divest! believe that by ending our financial support of these industries, we can take a political stance alongside our peer institutions who are forcefully speaking out against the fossil fuel industry. A forum on Inequality and the Climate Crisis will be facilitated by Wes, Divest! and the Committee for Investor Responsibility where experts, community members, and students will have a chance to share their views on fossil fuel divestment and learn about the movement from varied and valued perspectives. Please join us for this important conversation

Onte Johnson – Community organizer with Sierra Club’s Beyond Coal campaign in Bridgeport, CT
Beth Herz ‘07 – Board member for the Responsible Endowments Coalition, an NGO working to change the way endowments are invested.
Gilbert Skillman – Professor of Economics and has been very involved in endowment policies in the past and,
Brett Salafia – Head of Operations and Investment Associate in the Wesleyan Investments Office

When: Thursday, May 1st from 7pm-9pm
Where: PAC 002
Cost: Definitely free

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  1. alum

    Props for including people like Skillman (who knows his shit) and someone from the investment office!

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