Inequality and the Climate Crisis Divestment Panel Liveblog

Hey all, Sheninagans here. I’m about to embark on my first ever liveblog. The event is a panel co-hosted by Wes, Divest! and the Committee for Investor Responsibility. The speakers are Onte Johnson, Beth Herz ‘07 , Gilbert Skillman and Brett Salafia. We are hanging out in PAC 002 and the event is starting right now! So feel free to join us or read below to see what everyone has to say about the climate crisis, responsible investing and the Wesleyan endowment.

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2 thoughts on “Inequality and the Climate Crisis Divestment Panel Liveblog

  1. Not Happening

    Hey sorry to ruin your guys parade but the endowment could care less about your opinion. They will continue to do their job and maintain our endowment’s purchasing power by any means possible

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