TONIGHT: Brown Girl Burlesque

10177276_10202921437789575_194002442038316029_nJust when I thought that all of the to-do over Burlesque was over, Savannah Turner ’16 writes in to prove me absolutely 100% wrong. So get your fine self over to Beckham Hall tonight to have your socks knocked, rocked, and maybe even titillated:

Get READY for a SEXY, SPARKLY, and STRIPPED DOWN performance from the lovely ladies of Brown Girls Burlesque.

Dedicated to the celebration and expression of the experiences of all women of color through their art form, they are bringing an exciting show to Wesleyan that is sure to ROCK YOUR WORLD!

Find out more about BGB.

Date: May 2, 2014

Time: 10 PM

Place: Beckham Hall

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