Waiting for Cam’ron

cam'ron egg

“It’s a scam! We all got WeScammed! WeScammed by Cam’ron!”

I arrived at Beckham Hall last night at 10 p.m., the scheduled start time of the Cam’ron concert, and found a line that wrapped around the building and traveled west up Wyllys to the edge of the parking lot across from Admissions. The line ended in a noisy scrum around Beckham’s Andrus-side entrance. No one entered the venue for the next 90 minutes but the line pressed forward into this increasingly dense crowd so that we often had the impression of moving.

What follow are notes and quotes from the scene:

— A man near the Wyllys entrance to Usdan peed against the side of the building, probably twenty feet from an indoor toilet.

— A member of the class of 2014 climbed the wall of Beckham to look in the second-storey window.

— A smashed egg lay on the ground. Overheard: “I’ve seen eggs all over campus, is this a thing? They always look fresh like that.”

— Pairs or small groups of line-standers periodically skipped ahead, attempted to climb through a window, or (many times, and for no clear reason) ran around the building. Overheard: “This situation raises a question as old as civilization: if everyone else is breaking the rules, why should you follow them?”

— Dimly audible through the Beckham windows, the bass line of “I Am a God.”

— Chant of “Let! Us! In!”

— Around 11:00 p.m., shouts of “Shut the fuck up!” followed by no change of any kind. The people in front of me left and ran around the building.

— “Apparently there was a fight.”

— Some people returned from around the building and, still running, entered the crowd at the front of the line.

— A proliferation of rumors to the effect that Cam’ron was not present. Overheard: “It’s a scam! We all got WeScammed! WeScammed by Cam’ron!”

— “This is a test of society and society has failed us.”

— “What if this just isn’t gonna happen?”

— “What if Cam’ron is just a hologram?”

— “What if the show has been moved to another location and we don’t even know?”

— Five or six people in front of me, including a male-female couple with whom I’d been speaking, ran and climbed through a ground-floor window. They immediately climbed back out, minus the guy. “Never mind,” someone said, “that didn’t work.” Someone else: “That was so funny!” I asked the girl where her companion had gone and she told me, “He’s in the bathroom. The people were in front of the door, like, ‘come out,’ but he didn’t.” She returned to the window, tried to open it, failed. She returned to the line but left after a few minutes, running. I never saw the guy again.

— “Everyone’s getting searched, like, all the way.”

— “I almost touched the door!” “I know! I saw you!” “Worth it.”

— More rumors about Cam’ron still being in Los Angeles: “Apparently Cam’ron played a show in L.A. that ended at 8. They’re killing time.”

— “I think there is really no Cam’ron.”

— “It’s going to be The Maury Show all over again. We get to the front of the line and they cut it off.”

— “This is why I fucking hate music.”

— Suggestions that this line isn’t the real line.

— The sound of a bottle smashing and of metal hitting metal.

— “There are too many people at the front so they’re not letting people in.”

— “This is exactly like Kendrick last year.”

— I shook hands with some people in line near me. Everyone who didn’t leave angrily seemed to have a sense of humor about the situation. Each time the line jumped forward, everyone fell temporarily silent.

— “Moving forward in line is like being one of those little aliens in Toy Story. You’re just waiting for the claw.”

— Discussed Kafka’s “Before the Law” with my new line-friends.

— At 11:16 we began moving for real.

— P-Safe officer: “Cam’ron’s not on yet.” Student: “Thank you.”

— Student, to Event Staff member doing pat-downs: “What are you looking for?” Event Staffer: “All sorts of things.”

— I arrived at 11:25 p.m. to a 1/3-full Beckham Hall for the final three minutes of the opener, Skizzy Mars. His last couplet: “They say nice guys finish last / Good thing I’m a douchebag!” What I caught of this set sounded fun.

— The set change took about half an hour and seemed to consist mostly of a hunt for a microphone for Cam’ron to use. Cam’s DJ: “Where the fuck is the mic? Someone got the mic in their pocket. Find the missing mic!” Cam’ron went on around 11:45 p.m. Halfway through “Oh Boy” the sound cut off, at which the rapper was visibly confused. The show ended at 12:13 a.m.

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17 thoughts on “Waiting for Cam’ron

  1. callitlikeiseeit

    What I came away with from the concert is seeing how much of a douchebag mitch godfrey is. Good luck in life you oaf.

  2. callitlikeiseeit

    What I came away with from the concert is seeing how much of a douchebag mitch godfrey is. Good luck in life you oaf.

  3. Brett

    Cam also definitely took this picture in fayerweather 106, although his description says otherwise

  4. i miss funny

    we need more wesleying articles like this. remember last year when wesleying was consistently as funny or funnier than this?

  5. Piers

    special thanks to Manon Lefèvre for making possible my notetaking method, which involved me texting her the entirety of this article in the form of thirty or so text messages while she stood beside me in line

  6. def not a shrak cast member

    i heard cam’ron saw shrak, that’s why he was so late.

  7. jk

    Please keep writing articles in this format. I find it both charming and fun to read

  8. '14

    Okay, I didn’t go, I didn’t have any desire to go, I didn’t even consider going, and I don’t really care about Cam’ron, and I’m still pissed at the fucking incompetence that it sounds like was going on here. who was in charge of this thing that it got so fucked up?

    1. Chelsie

      There were a bunch of us trying to work together on this concert. Some of us have experience running concerts, and some of us don’t. This was the biggest concert that has happened since Dr. Dog and Matisyahu/Chiddy Bang in 2011 (not counting Spring Fling as that is a different kind of event) and the people who handled those concerts graduated, so they weren’t around to guide us. I have been involved with over 20 concerts in my time at Wes, more than anyone here, and I certainly wasn’t prepared because I never had anything quite like Cam’ron. The three students who booked Cam and Skizzy had never run a show before. I’m proud of them for taking on such a big event with no experience and doing a relatively good job. We (me + probably 10 others) tried to make it work and I wish I could say it turned out better, but I can’t. Some things were learned that can be applied to concerts of that stature in that future so hopefully other students won’t run into similar issues.

      Do you want to know why Cam’ron didn’t play for 45 minutes? Because he was hours late. I doubt the microphone incident would have even been a problem had he actually been on time. He also went on stage later and got off stage earlier than you stated. The security was only available until 12:30, so we had to get him off by 12:15. Am I happy? No. I was hoping this could be a concert that would attract people who don’t go to concerts otherwise, and it ended up not being the best experience for everyone for many reasons. I’m sorry if your night wasn’t as great as you hoped it would be.

  9. j

    please reconsider before writing more articles in this format, it’s not charming or fun to read at all

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