Spring Fling Will Be Outside Even if Meteors Hit Foss

This is what we might look like on Thursday. See those trash cans? That is where Spring Fling trash belongs! Keep Foss clean!

This is what we might look like on Thursday. See those trash cans? That is where Spring Fling trash belongs!

Some things didn’t look promising for this year’s Spring Fling: Chance was sick for a while and cancelled his Coachella and Yale Spring Fling performances, and for anyone who’s checked the weather recently it looks like there are chance showers on Thursday. BUT, Chance is better now and just played some shows in Texas, and if you checked your e-mail or Eric Lopez ’15‘s Twitter recently, SPRING FLING WILL BE OUTSIDE RAIN OR SHINE. This will be the first outdoor Spring Fling since 2011 (and the first one for everyone but the seniors). No more ice rink nonsense, we hope.

The Spring Fling Committee planned with a different stage company this year and came up with a new stage plan so that the show can be held outside even if it rains. This is why the stage will be on the parking lot next to Fayerweather and not at the bottom of Foss Hill. Port-A-Potties will scenically bestride the top of the hill and there will be a water station somewhere in the middle.

You can get a description of each Spring Fling act here (except for the winner of Battle of the Bands, all-caps LADD, since Battle of the Bands hadn’t happened yet). Drummer Piers Gelly ’13 describes all-caps LADD thusly:

We play fun “indie pop” and are all by strange circumstance from Milwaukee, Wisconsin. Two of us are brothers and all four of us are reeling from a barrage of orthographic uncertainty regarding our name, which has been mis-spelled and mis-capitalized in just about every possible permutation. If the opportunity arises we will ask tUnE-yArDs how she deals with this.

Set times are as follows:

1:00pm – all-caps LADD

1:45pm – S-Type

2:45pm – tUnE-yArDs (stream the new album here.)

3:45pm – Chance the Rapper

Here’s the full e-mail announcement from the Spring Fling Committee (with some info about Spring Fling outdoor conduct):

We are excited to announce that Spring Fling is being held Thursday, May 8th from 1-5pm, outside on and around Foss Hill. In an effort to be able to hold the event outdoors even if there is some rain forecast we have contracted with a different stage company and shifted the orientation of the stage from years past.  Attached is a diagram of what to expect for this year’s event. Please note that we will be outside rain or shine, so please plan accordingly.

The lineup of this year’s show is as follows:

1:00pm – All CAPS  all-caps LADD

1:45pm – S-Type

2:45pm – Tune Yards

3:45pm – Chance the Rapper

We know that many people work hard to plan Spring Fling and many students have attended Spring Fling over the years. However, there also have been a number of concerns about the safety of those at the event and the illegal use of alcohol and other drugs that have put the future of this event in jeopardy. As a result, the Spring Fling Committee of the WSA and the Office of Student Activities ask for your help in making the event successful.

As is always the case, the Code of Non Academic Conduct is in effect and members of the community are expected to abide by its policies. In order to preserve the future of Spring Fling and ensure that students can continue to enjoy this event, we want you to be aware of the following:

  • Students must have a current Wesleyan ID to enter the event.
  • Students are not allowed on the stage. Having students on the stage endangers students as well as the sound equipment and performers. In addition, performers have the right, by their contract, to stop performing if individuals climb on the stage. We ask for your assistance by staying off the stage to ensure that this Spring Fling and future events aren’t cut short unnecessarily.
  • Anyone who is 21 years of age and wants to consume alcohol at the event must present a valid government issued ID and a Wesleyan ID in order to obtain a wristband. Anyone of legal age possessing or consuming alcohol without a wristband will be directed to obtain a wristband or dispose of the alcohol. There is no cost to obtain a wristband. Wristbands will be available at all check-in stations. Any student who is severely intoxicated will be denied admission into the event.
  • Large coolers will be checked and turned away if they contain more alcohol than can be reasonably consumed by those in possession of it. By reasonable, we mean a 6 pack of beer or wine coolers, or a bottle of wine. No hard liquor will be permitted. Bulk containers of alcohol, such as kegs, will not be allowed at Spring Fling.
  • Only outdoor/lawn furniture will be allowed at Spring Fling. Large pieces of furniture, such as couches, will not be allowed.
  • Guests must be with their Wesleyan sponsor when they arrive, and have a guest ticket from the box office and a valid government issued ID. A limited amount of guest tickets are still available at the box office. They are $20/each and are limited to one per student/faculty/staff.
  • Anyone who violates the Code will be referred to the Student Judicial Board.

Also of note, Wesleyan Dining will provide a cookout in lieu of the evening meal in the Marketplace. The cost will equal 1 meal swipe or $9.25 in points or cash. The cookout will occur between the hours of 3:30pm and 6pm on the lawn outside of Usdan. Please note this means there will be no meal served in the Marketplace for Thursday dinner.

We appreciate your cooperation in helping us make Spring Fling a successful event! With your cooperation we can ensure the future of Spring Fling.

Enjoy Spring Fling 2014!!!

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  1. with a chance

    For those that missed the 1:56pm e-mail to All Students on Campus:

    “Due to some weather related delays with the sound equipment, the start of Spring Fling has been delayed. We are planning to have the music begin by 2:30 and the picnic will go on as scheduled.

    Thank you for your patience!

    The Social Committee and the Office of Student Activities”

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