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Clothing Swap

From the ever-smiling Jenessa Duncombe ’14:

Would you give someone the shirt off of your back? Do you not like that shirt very much anyway? Do you like to undress?
Bring your clothes, your friends, and your friends’ clothes to the clothing swap tomorrow to mix and match. This is FREE and all extra clothing will be donated to Goodwill.

Saturday, May 10
Time: 3-5 P.M.
Place: Exley Lobby


Vocal Debauchery Talks To You About Credit Card Debt

From those crazy kids of Vocal DebaucheryDebt-Settlement

Do you worry about the future? Are you plagued by crippling debt? But more importantly, do you love the delightful combination of a cappella and sketch comedy? If your answer to that last question was “yes!,” this show is the ideal entertainment for you. Come support our four seniors at their last show!

DATE: Today, Friday, May 9th
TIME: 5pm
PLACE: Alpha Delta Phi, the living room
COST: $0 (a.k.a. helping you get out of debt) (free entertainment!!!)

One Night Stand

UntitledSamantha Ho ’16 writes:


The Drawing II Show

Come by AWKS 105 on Friday May 9th from 4-6pm! There will be refreshments, sketchbooks with found objects and bits of onion, sculptures, and of course–drawings.

Featuring works by:
Sophie Becker
Lydie Blundon
Ariel Ciccone
Miles Cornwall
Shelby Dillon
Anna Flom
Casey Herrick
Samantha Ho
Max Levine
Zora Li
Lena Meyerson
Sarah Prickett
Lucy Salwen
Lydia Tonkonow
Cat Walsh

When: TODAY, 4pm-6pm
Where: CFA Art Workshops 105

The Ascension of James: A Slender James Concert


From the illustrious Nate “Neepaz” Repasz ’14:

Slender James was formed in a simulation of 2011 under the auspices of a cosmic DOYCE. Since then, it has developed several norms and regenerative properties.

Yet, as all self-sustaining entities must, the James now prepares to forfeit its progenitors to ensure the future of its progeny. And so, as the eve of the Ascension approaches, we supplicate you to watch a swan song, as we step aside for our supplanters.

In other words, come listen to us sing songs as we send our six seniors into the sunset.

James Ascended. James eternal. James bless.

Date: Today, Friday, May 9
Time: 7:30 PM
Place: WestCo Lounge
Facebook: Yep!

Recital: Spring Strings 2014

-1This just in from Julia “Sex and the Symphony” Conrad ’14:

Stop by the end-of-year string recital of Jessica Meyer’s violin
students to pregame your pregame!

Program includes Bach and Ysaye. Reception includes free food.

Date: TODAY May 9th
Time: 8:15 PM
Place: CAAS Vanguard Lounge

A Mixolydian Jungle Expedition

Ben Zucker ’15 promises that no animals were harmed in the making of this concert:

There may or may not be sloths and there may or may not be tapirs, but 10273429_10152200234973402_3598399565938578022_n

there will most definitely be some amazing people singing some amazing
songs! Come take a break from studying for finals to hear us sing
music ranging from songs about death to songs about sex and songs in
different languages!! (what more could you ever want)


Date: Saturday, May 10

Time: 3-4 pm

Place: Memorial Chapel

Stefilia’s Stone at Buttonwood Tree

Jack Lewis ’15 invites you:

Carrie Rowan and Adrienne Fawkes create a dynamic display of original music infusing classical piano style with finger picked guitar, smothered with lyrical finesse, served up with a splash of indie, adult contemporary, and modern folk with a pinch of funk.

With an opening act by Wesleyan Juniors, Jack Lewis & Katie Solomon.

Date: TODAY, May 9th
Time: 8:00 – 10:00PM
Place: The ButtonWood Tree: 605 Main Street, Middletown, CT
Cost: $8 (for Wesleyan Students)

Come see LAUGH TRACK, an hilarious new play


The very funny Sarah Esocoff ’15 writes:

Ever wonder what goes on behind the scenes of your favorite TV show?

LAUGH TRACK follows the taping of one episode of “He’s a Dad!,” a beloved multi-camera sitcom in its 9th season. Watch as five television stars, a show runner, and a cue card guy fall in and out of character, lust, love, and alcohol-induced debauchery.

Written & Directed by Keelin Ryan ’14 & the aforementioned Sarah Esocoff.

Performances on Friday, May 9 at 8 p.m. and on Saturday, May 10 at 2 p.m. & 8 p.m.

Location: ’92 Theater
Factbook: link.
Cost: $0

Sundaes on Sunday Study Break

Keyonne Session ’17 sends in this scoop:

The Class Council of 2017 invites all 2017ers to take a study break and enjoy some FREE ice cream sundaes. Swing by Allbritton 311 on Sunday, May 11th at 9 PM for good friends, good tunes, and the ice cream sundae of your life!

Don’t forget to BRING YOUR WES ID (the sundaes are free!) and sign the Class of 2017 banner outside of Olin while you’re chomping down on that ice cream.

This will be your ONLY CHANCE to sign the official Class of 2017 banner!

Date: Sunday, May 11th
Time: 9:00-10:00 PM
Place: Allbritton 311 (Ice Cream)/ Olin Front Lawn (Banner)
Cost: Free!

Spirits Spring Jam!


Ethan Tischler ’14 submitted this, and then I posted it:

At last, the Wesleyan Spirits Spring Jam / Mother’s Day Concerto! As we celebrate all the wonderful moms throughout the world, we’ll also bid farewell to the current seniors: Cole “Econometrics” Chiumento ’14, Rob “Shrakstar” Roth ’14, Marc “Twotoned” Whittington ’14, Ethan “Woodsman” Tischler ’14, and Ben “Lord of Language” Jacobs ’14. Come celebrate another fulsome year of Spiriting, and raise the song one last time before finals!

Date: Saturday, May 10
Time: 8:00 PM – 9:00 PM
Place: Memorial Chapel