First Annual Welcoming and Goodbye HISP Majors Party

Siri “Apple Stole My Name” Carr ’15 writes in with an invite for HISP majors:

Who knew the Last Supper was actually a Pizza Party?! This Friday thethe_last_pizza_party_by_mutsuki_k-d49kmsn
Spanish Department is hosting its own Last Supper AKA the First Annual
Welcoming and Goodbye HISP Majors Party!!!

If you are a HISP Major, stop by the Common Room for some FREE PIZZA
and BOTANAS (Mexican tapas). This is your chance to welcome the newest
members of the major who just declared and say goodbye to your
favorite graduating seniors. We will play a rousing game of “Lo que
sí, lo que no, y lo que hubiera sido: Do’s, Don’ts, and What ifs”
where seniors offer up some words of wisdom and reflect on their time
in the HISP major and at Wesleyan in general. What better way to cure
your Spring Fling hangover, ¿no?

Date: TODAY May 9

Time: 5-7 pm

Place: Common Room, 300 High Street (Romance Languages Building)

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