Some early procrastination fodder comes our way from Noah Korman ’15, whose video FISK TAKEOVER has now been released by Rebel Empire Productions on YouTube.

Fisk Takeover tells the story of February 21, 1969, when leaders of Wesleyan’s Black Student Union marched into Fisk Hall and barricaded the doors behind them, demanding that their concerns–specifically that classes be cancelled in honor of Malcolm X, who was assassinated four years earlier–be addressed by the administration. The takeover was a success, resulting in the creation of Malcolm X House, the Center for African American Studies, and Ujamaa.

The film was produced by Noah Korman ’15, Armani White ’15, and Shane Bernard ’14, and written and directed by Noah Korman, and is dedicated to the Vanguard Class of ’70.

Additional reading here:
Check out Rebel Empire’s tumblr and twitter.
You can read more about the takeover in this Argus article from the 40th anniversary and this one.

Finally, I urge you to read and consider signing this resolution demanding the re-prioritization of African-American studies at Wesleyan, adopted by the WSA on May 4th.

In recent years the department has suffered various losses, including that of Professor Sarah Mahurin, who has recently been appointed dean of Timothy Dwight College at Yale. You can read more about Professor Mahurin in these Wesleying articles and all of these Wes Speak links.

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