DANCE/run/DANCE: WesRave ’14

c/o Winston Soh '14

c/o Winston Soh ’14

WesRave has arguably become Wesleyan’s most beloved, least controversial, wholly positive event. Have you ever heard someone seriously say, “YO, FUCK WESRAVE!?”

This year was the third WesRave, with a higher turnout, in my estimation, than the previous two (even though rain postponed this rave to Sunday before finals). Around 11 p.m., hundreds gathered on Foss (many with glowsticks) with an assortment of rave attire and pressed play at the same time. As the beat of “Cobrastyle” by Teddybears got going, so did the swaying of the crowd and the giggling and shrieks that could be heard above the music. A little over a minute in, the student shepherds started waving their gigantic racing flags to herd the crowd down Foss Hill and toward the CFA. Soon enough, our mass of silent ravers was running together, undoubtedly fueled by some alcohol and the exuberant crowd’s energy. This herding-running-dancing-more running-more dancing propelled the silent ravers from one campus location to the next, mapped out in the first hour as thusly:  Foss–>CFA–>North College–>PAC–>Olin–>Usdan Courtyard–>PAC–>then I went to Late Night, what happened next?

Another event that was concurrent with the rave was a projection on South College, initiated by Chloe Murtagh ’15 and Mari Jarris ’14 who have spearheaded a lot of the sexual assault activism on campus. The projections switched back and forth between the messages “Believe Survivors” and “Do Not Blame Victims,” and were visible throughout the entirety of WesRave. If anything, this added to the community aspect of the rave and was a smart way to keep the message visible. (A Q&A with Chloe and Mari about the projections is forthcoming.)


WesRave went smoothly with much thanks to this year’s organizers Axel Schlossberg ’15, Em Trambert ’14, and Mariana Quinn-Makwaia ’14who did all of the necessary logistical planning with P-Safe and a ton of other background work we’re probably not aware of. Here are Em’s thoughts on WesRave ’14 and its legacy:

We were concerned that the crowd might be smaller because we had to postpone, but everyone rallied pretty hard, and it was huge! A lot of my friends who were worried they might not be able to make it found a way, and it seems like majority of the campus did too.

It was really intoxicating to be running around campus with such a big, happy, enthusiastic, sexy, silly group. And everyone was so onboard with keeping it going and having fun! We had no problems with people staying out of the streets and following the shepherds. It was great, unadulterated love and pride! In such a real way, Wesrave represents so much of why I am so in love Wesleyan, and why I am so sad to be leaving it. The end of Wesrave made graduation feel so much more tangible, it’s freaky.

As for maintaining the legacy, Axel “Strong-Jaw” Schlossberg ’15 will still be around next year, so he will definitely continue to carry the torch. Alex Heyison ’15 will likely be organizing along with him. He was one of our superstar shepherds last night. I love both Alex and Axel dearly and I’m so excited to come back and dance and romp around with them. They’re gonna be great!

Here is the WesRave track list, courtesy of Em:

tracklist 1


Check out some (grainy) photos from WesRave below. Send your photos, videos, and stories from WesRave to staff[at]wesleying[dot]org! Keep on dancing, Wesleyan.

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15 thoughts on “DANCE/run/DANCE: WesRave ’14

  1. Concerned

    Can we not have fun campus events without instantly politicizing everything? There is a time and place for these important conversations, but shoving them down peoples throats whenever any large group of people congregates is kind of ridiculous. Before we know it, student activists will be hijacking the sound system at Spring Fling to give speeches.

  2. Samantha O'Brian

    It felt like the crowd was bigger than ever this year––hundreds and hundreds of people. Good times. Over 1,000 people subscribed to the FB group, but do we have any estimates on just how many showed up?

  3. senior

    I would venture to say ‘Yo fuck WesRave’ if I talked like a total asshat. Succumbing to the pack mentality, listening to awful music, annoying countless students who are studying during finals week. The list goes on.

    Oh and nice, very relevant I might add, ‘Believe Survivors’ sign.

    Way to go

    1. Critical much?

      “Believe survivors” was a separate act by a group of sexual assault activists.

      1. senior

        and it just accidentally happened at the same time as WesRave on a Sunday night around midnight? that’s honestly really coincidental.

        1. CommonSense

          Or, maybe, just maybe, the student activists have some sense of marketing and exposure, and knew to target a large audience that is already gathered. You’re a senior? Use your head.

          1. Genius

            Well the picture was visible to everyone that participated in wesrave genius. Thus becoming a part of any report about the event.

          2. Natalie Ancona

            The author of this article chose to add the picture. Our action was planned during Wesrave both because of timing (it had to be at night because of the projector and it was most convenient to do before finals) and because we thought people might want to participate. Which they did. As wesrave dancers ran in front of our projection many cheered and stopped to take a picture. The phrases were projected on Michael Roth’s office to show the student body’s collective resistance against the administration’s handling of sexual assault. More information on our action will be available soon, but if you have questions you can contact me (nancona@wes), Chloe Murtagh, or Mari Jarris.

    2. lmao

      “succumbing to the pack mentality” lmao. someone is too cool to be a person…

      no but really whats with the aversion to collective celebration and expressions of joy? we’re social creatures. or, erm, some of us are. it’s okay if you’re not but don’t hate, okay?

    1. wow

      Are you fucking kidding me? You want credit that bad for some blurry photos of a rave? Give me a break.

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