Procrastination Destination: Art Blogs


Ever wonder how hipsters at Wes discover obscure artists? Well this post isn’t going to tell you because then they would become mainstream and suck. However, you might be a little more welcome on the quiet side after visiting some of these art blogs:

  • This is Colossal is one of the most comprehensive visual arts blogs. This will change the way you look at all those cute dogs.
  • Another must see is demilked.
  • Arcademi is full of cool design stuff.
  • iGNANT has art. This is a good post to check out if you like breaking the law.
  • If you like seeing great artist sell out, go corporate and use their talents to benefit the 1%, you’ll LOVE Aesthetics Habitat!!!
  • CULT is an inspiring photo and film blog.
  • ffffl*ckr is four f better than flickr.
  • Last but not least, for all the fans of Japanese gay magna, artwork, and culture, is Gay Magna!


Just a tip: now that you’re armed with artsy blogs that will draw the envy of your high school friends when you return home for summer, don’t become that obnoxious friend that name drops an up-and-coming artist from Helsinki. (Once you check out the blogs, you’ll know exactly who I’m talking about)

Enjoy culture! Post more blogs in the comments section.

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