Procrastination Destination: Crying

crying-babySometimes, you just need a good cry.* If your finals or impending graduation aren’t doing it for you (or, in my case, my delayed flight and consequent 5 hour day trip to Bradley yesterday…. thanks, Chicago), here is a collection of things to get your tear ducts working.

StoryCorps podcasts (yes okay I really like these…) are often sad/sappy. Here are some favorites:
Rogelio Martinez and Lisa Moya King on how she helped him out of an abusive situation in high school
Ten-year-old Frankie DeVito on his grandfather’s death during 9/11
The Seeger family on their son’s death from a genetic disorder

Animals being sweet:
Dogs reunited with their owners
Koko the gorilla crying about her kitten and also a sad movie
Two brothers reunited with their pet lion (complete with cheesy background music)

This horribly sad video of teenager Zach Sobiech‘s last days with osteosarcoma is good if you’re looking for blatant tear-jerking and retrospectively very sad catchy folk-pop.

If the general functioning of the universe makes you teary, watch this Radiolab short film.

History can be pretty sad and this list of iconic 21st century moments can attest to that.

Finally, this video is perfect if you have somehow failed to have yet get over the end of the Harry Potter series.

*Apparently crying might not actually be cathartic. Proceed at your own risk…

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