Submit photos and artwork for THIS IS WHY campaign


From Serena Berry ’15:

For Reunion and Commencement and part of senior week, there will be a display in Usdan to promote the “THIS IS WHY” campaign the supports financial aid and access to higher education.

We are looking for more “because” photos, like the ones here (feel free to be creative with it). If you are artistically inclined and would like to have your work in Usdan for R&C, we would love to include artwork related to the campaign. Send submissions to siberry(at)wesleyan(dot)edu before noon on Wednesday, May 21.

Submission Deadline: Wednesday, May 21

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7 thoughts on “Submit photos and artwork for THIS IS WHY campaign

  1. This shit is so see through

    Cynical maneuvers: radically decrease access by institutionalizing discrimination against poor students in the admissions process, and then ask people to donate in order to “increase access.” Jeez. BRING BACK NEED BLIND.

    1. alum

      how is it cynical? the whole point of the campaign is to bring back need blind (well, get us halfway there)

        1. alum

          If you’ve been reading the updates about the endowment and the campaign you would have read that Wes will need one more endowment-focused campaign to bring back need blind, hence this “first of two” endowment-focused campaigns being halfway.

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