Ok Glass, Let’s Graduate

A Google Glass Movie by Annalora von Pentz ’14 

From von Pentz:

I wore Google Glass while graduating and made a movie about it. Here’s why you should watch it:

1. You’ve graduated and are reluctantly coming to terms with your new alumni status.
2. You’re an overachiever and you want to prepare accordingly.
3. You’re an underachiever and probably won’t wake up in time for the ceremony when it happens, if it happens…
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One thought on “Ok Glass, Let’s Graduate

  1. Son Tran

    Thanks! I like the collective ritual of seeing the new day together on the morning of Graduation Day. Commencement seems a lot better run now than mine (almost 20 years ago!). We didn’t have the name card thing. And there now are more faculty handlers to move the procession along.

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