Be Bold Road Trip at Wesleyan

Camille Casareno ’15 writes in:

This August/September, All* Above All (, a bold new Road-trip-map-2

campaign to restore and sustain abortion coverage for low-income

women, is hitting the road and taking our message across the country
with a national tour to end local, state and federal bans on abortion
coverage. The tour is called the Be Bold Road Trip.

Covering nearly 10,000 miles – through 11 cities, 8 states and the
District of Columbia – the road trip will mobilize Millennials, people
of color, and other diverse groups to stand up to the avalanche of
attempts to disenfranchise them and their decision-making. The road
trip will create buzz and educate people across the country about the
harmful impact that abortion coverage bans have, especially on
low-income women and women of color. At each stop we will talk to
supporters, ask them to participate in the campaign, and give them
ways to send their message to their representatives in Congress. The
road trip will end its tour in Washington DC during mid-September to
commemorate the anniversary of the Hyde Amendment through the second
annual All* Above All Hill Education Day.

It’s a busy first week, but come out to the Usdan courtyard on
Thursday to see the Be Bold Road Trip by All Above All make its stop
on campus sponsored by Wesleyan Clinic Escorts. Show your support to
bring down abortion insurance coverage bans. The Be Bold van will be
there from 11AM-4PM. There will be a speaker at 1PM so you and your
friends can bring your lunch and sit outside to learn more!

If you (as an individual or student group) are interested in
volunteering the day of, send me a message at mcasareno@wes!

Date: 9/4/14

Time: 11:00 am – 4:00 pm

Place: Usdan Huss Courtyard

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